Recommended general books on the Griffins’ lives and works are listed in the Books & Media section.  Also, excellent essays by academic and professional Griffin experts, along with large photographic galleries are contained in the excellent web sites of both the Australian and the American Walter Burley Griffin Societies.  To access these, see the Links section.

This site is intended to complement the general material available on Walter Burley Griffin by concentrating on his celebrated Fishwick house, built in Sydney, Australia in 1929.  Nevertheless, the Introduction section does contain an overview of the Griffins and their "ideal suburb" of that city, Castlecrag.  It also outlines a number of new and important themes which are developed at length within the site, for example the major role the Fishwick house has played in the current revival of interest in the Griffins and its central place in the emergence of modern architecture in Australia.

Please note that the building is a private dwelling and is not open to the public.  However, one of the aims of this website is to expose the qualities of the house more broadly so it contains over 250 images, plans, drawings, tables and charts.  Most of these can be examined in detail in the Images of House section which contains photographs of its exterior, interior, outside living areas and natural bush surrounds, taken by the 16 professional and expert photographers who have worked in it.  Please note that copyright is held over all of the images on this website; see General Information, accessed via the toolbar below.

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