The website’s structure

This site is large but navigating it should not be difficult.  It has seven sections which are accessible via the upper tool bar.  Clicking on each heading opens the section with a top panel which has two lists: Section contents and Detailed attachments cited in this section.  Clicking on these brings up the required material.  For convenience, most of the detailed attachments are .pdf files.

Each of the seven sections has an Introductory overview and a set of Footnotes.  To help site navigation, accessed from the lower tool bar is the Site Map which replicates the seven sectional top panels.  The map gives direct access to all of the site’s 39 subjects and 26 attachments.

For those new to the Griffins and the Fishwick house

The Introduction section gives a general overview of this important early 20th century house.  It also tells briefly the story of the Griffins’ professional successes in the US Midwest, their instant fame from winning the international Canberra design competition and the establishment of their “ideal suburb” in Sydney which they called Castlecrag.

There has recently been a remarkable revival of interest in Griffin.  This in large part is from recognition of his contribution to the development of architecture which is underpinned by a consistent and progressive set of ideas and principles.   The Fishwick house has emerged as one of the most important exemplars of these.  For this reason many photographers, including eminent professionals and Griffin specialists, have recorded the house.  The work of 16 of them, most never previously available, is displayed in the Images of House section.  To see a selection of these now click this Preview Of Pictures link.  Please note that copyright is held over all images.

For those interested in finding out more about the house

Information on the physical aspects of the house, its landscaping and its curtilage is mostly in the Architecture and Design section.  The factors underlying the importance of the house and the part it has played in reviving the reputation of Griffin are in the Prominence and Significance section.  See also the Books & Media section for guidance on recommended good sources of further information.  For details of the Griffins’ lives and works in the US, Australia and India visit the excellent websites of both the Australian and American Walter Burley Griffin Societies.  These and other informative sites are listed in the Links section.

For students and researchers

The site’s Note For Students and Note For Researchers sections, which are accessed from the lower tool bar, give useful information on using it effectively as well as sourcing other material.  Most of the highly detailed information on the site is contained in stand-alone attachments.  These are all listed in the top panel of each of the site’s seven sections as well as on the Site Map.