This guide will help access the level of information you might want, depending on your current level of knowledge of the lives and works of Walter Burley Griffin and his wife, Marion Mahony Griffin, as well as your particular interests. 

For people who are new to the Griffins and the Fishwick house.

Go to the Introduction section for a general overview of this significant and prominent early 20th century house and its increasingly influential and respected architect.  It introduces the Griffins and briefly tells their story.

Because the house illustrates the progressive architectural principles which underpin Griffin’s reputation so well, many professional and expert photographers have taken pictures of the house.  The work of 16 of them is displayed in the Images of House section.  It is a highlight of the site because their images portray the history of the house across some ninety years.  Most have never previously been available. 

For those who know of the Griffins and their work but would like to learn more.

Information on the physical aspects of the house is mostly in the Architecture & Design section.  The reasons underlying the importance of the house and the part it has played in reviving the reputation of Griffin are in the Prominence and Significance section.  For detailed information and a comprehensive bibliography of the Griffins’ lives and works visit the websites of both the Australian and American Walter Burley Griffin Societies; these can easiy be accessed through the Links section.  Both that and the Books & Media section provide useful general information on other sources. 

For students and researchers.

In general, most of the highly detailed information on the site is contained in attachments; there are no fewer than 28 of these, mostly in PDF files.  The opening page of each section contains a list of relevant attachments which are cited in that section.

The scope of subjects covered in each section and their associated attachments can be easily seen on the Site Map.

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