This site is intended to complement the general material on the Griffins which is available from many sources. However, because of its orientation specifically towards the Fishwick house, it contains a number of central themes which have never previously been explored.

For example, since it so vividly illustrates the progressive and once-radical architectural ideas and principles of Walter Burley Griffin, the house has played a major part in reviving interest in him.  As well as being significant in its own right, it has become prominent and widely celebrated because it exemplifies most of his universal and timeless principles; ideas which underpin all good architecture.  Further, the house has emerged as the prime vehicle for introducing the Griffin story to a new, broader and international audience.  The site also explores the widely-held view that Griffin was a prophet or pioneer of modern architecture in Australia with the house being a prominent symbol of the birth of its movement away from derivative or stylised design. 

Please note that the building is a private dwelling and is not open to the public.  However, one of the aims of this website is to expose the qualities of the house more broadly so it contains over 250 images, plans, drawings, tables and charts.  Most of these can be examined in detail in the Images of House section which contains photographs of its exterior, interior, outside living areas and natural bush surrounds, taken by the 16 professional and expert photographers who have worked in it.  Please note that copyright is held over all of the images on this website; see General Information, accessed via the toolbar below.

This is a non-commercial website funded and maintained by volunteers; regretfully, there is no facility for enquiries via the site.